Fried Puppy Dog Discs and SoundCloud Partnership Revolutionizes Audio Marketplace

Fried Puppy Dog Discs, one of the world’s leading creators and distributors of freak-rock & EleFunk, and SoundCloud, the world’s leading social sound platform, today announce a collaboration that unites the originality of Fried Puppy Dog Discs’ audio content with SoundCloud’s community of more than 20 million registered users.

“Fried Puppy Dog Discs’ partnership with SoundCloud creates a powerful offering to their community of professional and casual music listeners,” an unnamed Fried Puppy Dog Discs representative said. “Now, through SoundCloud, all music listeners can broaden their exposure to… well, us.

“Let’s face it,” he continued, “That’s as fair a deal as I’ve ever heard.”

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