Live on CJSR (1989; 2016 reissue)

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Live on CJSR

Rex Morgan B.C. (1989; 2016 reissue)


  • Alf O’Getty — Guitar
  • Bif O’Roni — Bass
  • Jeff Boiardi — Drums
  • Zoodles — Vocals, Organ


Side 1

  1. I Hate Ashbury
  2. I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday (for a Hamburger Today)
  3. AC Guitar, DC Outlet
  4. California Sun
  5. Sideburns & Blood
  6. Jack Lord is Cool
  7. One Surfed Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Side 2

  1. Ballad of the Lonely Trucker
  2. My Furry Vest
  3. Big Fat Hairy Spider
  4. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
  5. Rub the Tummy (of the Buddha)
  6. Groovy Feeling
  7. (I Want a) Telly Savalas Haircut


  • Format: Digital LP
  • Catalogue Number: FPD•0316
  • Recorded “In Hi-Fido™ Stereo”
  • Captured from Scott Thorkelson’s Rock Concert, live at CJSR (March 18, 1989)
  • Recorded at CJSR Studios

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