Psycho-Acoustic (1987)

Promotional Poster (Picasso's Puke, 1987)

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If you think the problem is bad now, just wait until we’ve solved it.

They are the only thing I ever tried to sell that people wanted to buy. — Chipper Luschenat, New Jersey

Picasso’s Puke
Barney Rebel • Mungo Fetch • E. Sloth • Rip Van Hip
Promotional Material
June, 1987


  • Barney Rebel — ‘anything with frets’, vocals, dat-and-distortion
  • Mungo Fetch — the skins
  • E. Sloth — bass antics, acoustic strummin’
  • Rip Van Hip — swingin’ 60s Farfisa combo organ, Magnus 12-chord air organ, tambourine, vocals

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