Nervous Rex original recording remastered for worldwide release

Fried Puppy Dog Discs is delighted to announce the first release from the original Nervous Rex catalogue, which has been digitally re-mastered for the first time, for worldwide online release on Monday, March 25, 2013 (3-25-13).

The single, ‘Stakeout’, is packaged with replicated original album art.

The track has been re-mastered by a dedicated team of engineers at Fried Puppy Dog Discs’ 122A Street Studios in Lansdowne, Edmonton over a multiple-hour period utilising state of the art recording technology alongside vintage studio equipment, carefully maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the original analogue recordings. The result of this painstaking process is the highest fidelity the catalogue has seen since its original release.

The recording is the first to feature Fried Puppy Dog Discs’ new 3D Ultra Stereo™ remastering process.

Fried Puppy Dog Discs noted the remastering of the occassionally-sold CrO2 cassette of 1991 in Canada has been in the works since a couple of weeks ago. “The project demanded the same meticulous approach taken for the cassette release, and the brief was a simple one: cut the cassette masters to digital with an absolute minimum of compromise to the sound,” according to a description of the new release.

“When Nervous Rex’s cassette was first released, the listener enjoyed a tangible relationship with the music in the magnetic coating of the plastic tape. There was an emotional connection to the artifact carrying the sound, and this bond was strengthened by the accompanying inlay. Rather than a merely functional object to protect the cassette, it was elevated to a stylish accessory,” the announcement said.

“Certainly, the cover of a ’Fro-Zen conveyed a message about the music it was wrapped around. Let’s face it, the dominant black-and-white hues and stern face on the front of ‘Fro-Zen’ seem to embody the sound of the record.

“Somewhat-skilled technicians have worked long and hard to make Nervous Rex sound better than ever streaming over the internet. All we need to do is listen to the results of their dedicated labor on the remastered track” the unnamed Fried Puppy Dog Discs spokesman said.

About 3D Ultra Stereo™

Designed for legacy analogue to digital transfer, 3D Ultra Stereo™ ignites your passion for exciting entertainment experiences. Founded by Fried Puppy Dog Discs and recognized by audiences around the globe, 3D Ultra Stereo™ is synonymous with Digital • Deteriorating • Derivative. Products featuring 3D Ultra Stereo™ technologies defy convention and define quality in their class, whether streaming on the web, in the home or on the road.

Fried Puppy Dog Discs

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