Name Change Official

Global purveyors of Freak-Rock & EleFunk today officially adopted the name Fried Puppy Dog Discs.

Formerly Fried Puppydog Discs, the change reflects the company’s strategy for the 21st century.

“Looking back, the Fried Puppydog Discs name has served us well,” an unnamed Fried Puppy Dog Discs representative said, “Make no mistake, we will never make changes based on the whims of special interest groups like ‘Big Dictionary’. This isn’t about spelling, it’s more than that.

“This change recognizes that, for us, the 21st century is about creating spaces — online spaces, social spaces, and mind space.”

Asked about retail spaces he replied, “Let’s face it, if this were about monetization we’d have added a freakin’ dollar sign.”

Shares of FPDD.PK remained unchanged at noon.

Fried Puppy Dog Discs

click to embiggen


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