’Fro-Zen (1991)

’Fro-Zen / Nervous Rex (1991)

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Nervous Rex (1991)


  • Fearless Freep — Drums
  • Natcho Gonzales — Bass
  • Babs Vega$ — Vocals, Guitar, Sax
  • Vincent ‘Vinny’ Castrato — Guitar
  • Scat von Rockthoven — Vocals, Organ


Side of Beef

  • Four Walls
  • Soul Onions
  • Come Spy With Me

Side of Fries


  • Format: Cassette
  • Catalogue Number: FPD•07
  • Engineered by: Larry Stoeckel (‘Sunshine Girl’ and ‘Stakeout’)
  • Recorded at Studios Le Freak and CJSR Studios
  • Nervous Rex uses Gorilla Snot exclusively


6 thoughts on “’Fro-Zen (1991)

  1. Looking back on it, all of our band iterations made sense in their own quirky and strange ways–except this one. I don’t even remember most of these songs.

  2. The cover art, on the other hand, was pure gold.

  3. If you remember 1991 you weren’t really ‘there’, man.

  4. It spawned an awesome Annual Report too, IIRC.

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